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Hi, I’m Mirka!

I am passionate about style, and clothing, and I absolutely love to travel. I am dedicated to aspiring for inner peace and keeping a clear and positive mindset in everyday life. If you also enjoy creating your own edgy style, are always ready for new experiences, and want to stay true to yourself. Then keep reading because we are the same tribe!

This blog is all about daily adventures. I love to share my styling ideas and tips, tell some good travel stories with practical insights, and inspire my readers to seek balance in their lives. During the past couple of years, I have gone through life-changing events, which only helped me find my true self and understand what I really want from life. Now I wish to inspire other women to invent themselves too, go out and see our beautiful world, and feel happy while doing it! Writing and photography are something that I really enjoy doing, so establishing a blog was only a natural choice.

About me

My style has always been somehow unique and has changed a lot throughout the years. There’s something that keeps surviving those changes, and it is my love for black. Not all feminine things must be pink and delicate, they can be black and bold too! I am in the ongoing search of a balance between rock-chic(k), evergreen classy, and edgy bohemian styles. I am excited to discover new exciting ways to express myself!

Traveling is a big part of my life. I have a bachelor’s degree in travel and restaurant business management. While working in the industry for several years, I have been able to dive into behind-the-scenes and peek into the secret world of hotel life. I’m based in Finland, and I have visited more than 20 other countries. My biggest adventure so far was a three-week solo trip through seven different countries in Europe in 2018. Yet there’s still a lot to see!