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My top 10 travel bucket list

My travel fever is getting more and more intense these days. Since the world is slowly opening up and the travel industry is reviving after the Covid-19 restrictions, I have more plans for new trips than ever before. And I bet many can relate! I made a bucket list of my top 10 dream travel destinations of the moment. Unfortunately, it seems that, most likely, my next trip won’t be to any of the places listed. However, I’ve crossed off multiple destinations on my bucket lists in the past, so everything is possible in the future!

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1. Venice, Italy

Italy is absolutely one of my favorite places. It’s difficult to explain the experience of Italy to someone who has never visited the country. I have been to Rome and Florence and would go back any time. However, I have many Italian cities on my ‘visit Italy’ list. Venice is on top of it, even though it is a slightly controversial travel destination.

Tourism destroys the infrastructure of the old city of Venice, so adding Venice to my bucket list feels a tad selfish act. I’m hoping there will be a sustainable way to visit this incredible city in the future. My absolute dream would be seeing the Carnival of Venice! If you want to understand why – watch the movie ‘Casanova’ (Heath Ledger).

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2. Egypt

Egypt has been on my bucket list since I learned about the ancient Egyptians. Well, Egypt has been a thing almost forever, at least some thousands of years, so there has to be some kind of magic. Mummies and pyramids are something I need to see with my own eyes! I wouldn’t mind the warm weather and a beach, either. An ideal holiday would combine a cruise on the river Nile and day trips to see the Pyramids and the valley of the Kings.

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3. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, but it is also known as the capital of thermal baths of the whole world. There are nine working medicinal baths and 123 hot springs in Budapest. The mineral-rich water and its medicinal purposes were discovered already by Roman settlers. The thermal baths have been a travel attraction ever since.

The city looks very romantic, has lots of historical sites, and also inhabits ‘the most beautiful restaurant in the world’ – the New York Café. Do I need any more reasons to want to visit Budapest? I don’t think so!

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4. Lake Plitvice, Croatia

I am in love with Croatia, it’s absolutely one of my favorite places to visit. My trip to Dubrovnik in 2018 was more than a success. I was stunned by Croatia’s incredible beauty and the great traveling experience provided by the locals. After visiting Dubrovnik, I learned about the national park of Plitvice. I had seen pictures of it before but didn’t really pay attention to it earlier. Well, now look at the pictures, and you’ll probably understand why Plitvice is on my travel bucket list!

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5. Santorini, Greece

For someone like me who is a huge lover of the Mediterranean, Santorini is definitely a place to go. I have heard only praising recommendations about it, so there are no doubts about adding it to my bucket list. I’m dreaming of a luxurious, relaxing, and romantic holiday in Santorini. It’s known as a very popular honeymoon destination, so maybe we’ll consider that when the time comes!

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6. Morocco

I had to rethink adding Morocco to my top 10 list but ended up choosing it for multiple reasons. It’s a unique African country with cool bohemian vibes. I would like to see the Sahara desert, the blue city of Chefchaouen, and the red city of Marrakech. Also, some of the Game of Thrones and other movie or TV-series filming locations would be nice to visit. Warm weather and beaches always a plus, of course!

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7. Kyoto, Japan

I have to admit, I’m not very familiar with Japan, but I’ve always thought it would be amazing to go and visit. Modern cities are not something that I’m excited about and I would enjoy experiencing more historical parts of the country. That’s why Kyoto, former capital of Japan, is my choice to the travel bucket list. The classical buddhist temples, traditional Japanese gardens, bamboo forests, imperial palaces, Shinto shrines and the traditional wooden houses are things that I would like to experience in Japan.

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8. Turkey

For a long time, Turkey was not a place I wanted to visit. My first impression was based on the beach party resorts in Marmaris. I’m not into party trips at all because I want to experience more than just bars. But then I learned that Turkey has more interesting things to offer and added it to my travel bucket list!

Instead of beach resorts, I want to visit Istanbul and Cappadocia. I want to see the blue mosque, the Hagia Sofia (which was originally a cathedral), and the bazaars in Istanbul. The Bronze age homes carved into the rocks in Cappadocia would definitely be worth visiting. I would also like to experience the thermal baths of Pamukkale, see the underground city, and visit the open-air museums, too. The ancient ‘gate of hell’ doesn’t sound like a too boring attraction, either!

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9. Thailand

Thailand is another destination I didn’t have on my travel bucket list before. The reasons are the same as with Turkey – my first impression of it was party trips. Pinterest changed my mind with all the gorgeous photos of the tropical beaches and intricate temples. Some old temple ruins in the jungle would be an awesome Indiana Jones kind of experience. Well, and I love Thai food!

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10. Yucatan, Mexico

Mexico has been kind of on and off my bucket list. I couldn’t decide which part of it would provide the most tempting attractions to me. Eventually, I figured out it has to be the Yucatan peninsula. Mayan temples and ruins are absolutely a thing I want to see. Swimming in the crystal clear cenotes and enjoying the sun on the beach sounds good to me. And, let’s not forget Mexican food! I certainly love the culinary experiences on my travels. Mexico would be just perfect!

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